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Fucking winter weather....

it's official.
I have a SEVERE head cold.
My nose is stuffed to the max.
I get really fucking dizzy when I stand up.
I've taken 3 of the max 4 in 24 hours of cold medicine.
And the only thing its done in 2hours is get rid of a sore throat, and make my headache and stuffy nose WORSE. wtf is up with that?! stupid shit.
I cant sleep like this.
I will be at school tomorrow sadly lol.
My parents dont believe in letting me stay home unless I'm throwing up or passing out or worse.
So to school I go tomorrow.

I saw King Kong tonight with the father.
Absolutely amazing.
I recommend everyone go and see it like NOW!!!


I Love You Tara<3333

p.s. I hope I don't get you sick being around you =(

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