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So, What if I never hold you, yeah, or kiss your lips again?

Yesterday was the Avenged Sevenfold/Saosin show.
I went with Tara, Chelsea and Mike.
The show was absolutely AMAZING.
Opiate for the Masses is terrible.
Death By Stereo is good.
Saosin did amazing as always.
and A7X kicked fucking ass.
Was insane.
I crowd surfed.
Chelsea got hit.
I got stuck by the speaker by myself for the last few songs.
Tara got me a signed Saosin poster signed by Cove.
And on the back she wrote....I Love You
So sweet. She's so amazing.
Today I got SOME of my free merch to promo.
Got stuff from Story of the Year, Mest and Stutterfly.

Why don't we ever talk?
We spend every last second possible with each other.
But, it seems like you talk to others more than you do me.
It gets me down sometimes, but I won't let it keep me down.
I am thankful for having you.
Thankful for how much time I spend with you.
I'm sooo happy to be with you.
I love you Tara.
May the days just get better.

Madelyn/USH show Friday.
Possibly Between the Buried and Me/Into the Moat Thursday.

P.S. Tara, I AM going to take you to the zoo one day soon lol =D

There's Hurricane Wilma possibly coming towards us.
And my mom says if it hits as hard as she thinks and does the damage she thinks.
Our house could possibly be destroyed with Me IN IT and she'll be moving up with my Aunt and Uncle.
This shit isn't hittign us hard.
And if it does.
I'm living with my dad permenantly.
I am NOT gonna be leaving this place anytime soon.
I'm as happy as I've ever been in such a long time.
I've had to deal with one i care about leaving before.
And for ME to have to LEAVE someone i care about now.
I couldn't handle it.
I'm not gonna let it happen.
I'm too happy.
This hurricane will be nothing just like all the rest.
I made it through Andrew. I'll make it through every other hurricane ever.
Period. =/
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