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Cross out the eyes..

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15th September 2007

5:02am: So we were an accident

I miss the golden days.
But like they always say, nothing gold can stay.
I miss you...
Current Mood: stressed

7th May 2006

8:18pm: We're falling apart day after day more and more and you know it.
I can't take it. Why can't we stop the fighting?
Why can't we be like we used to be?
I love you with every bit of my heart!
I really do. You mean everything to me. 
Without you I could never picture myself alive. 
You've always been there for me.
 I remember those days when all we would do is hug, hold, and kiss each other.
 When I love you's were so hard to say but they meant so much more than they seem to now. 
Those days when seeing you smile was something that always happened. 
Those days when all you did was laugh and smile with me having the times of our lives. 
Where are those days? 
I want them all back. 
I want this to stop. 
I'll go swimming in your pool.
I'll buy you the world.
I'll make every wish you ever tell me to make.
I'll believe in unicorns with you.
I'll believe in Care-A-Lot.
I'll believe in us again.
I'll believe everything you ever tell me.
I'll give up my life.
I'll buy your love if I have to.
I'll stop this fued between me and Terrell.
I'll stop any fueds with anyone.
I'll do anythingggggg!!! Please!

I always love you Tara and I'll never stop. 
I pray you will too..... 

My heart may be hurting
But my love is true 
All I have ever craved 
Was to be next to you 
Holding you, and only you 
For my love is true 
And I pray to myself that yours will forever be too 
So now I ask of you not to hurt the feeling of true love that I have for you

2nd April 2006

3:15am: Grades:

Tv Production: A
English II: C
Algebra II: D
Forensics: A

GPA!!! 3.0!!

5th March 2006


She is the greatest.
She is amazing.
She loves me.
She's stuck with me through alot.
She's always been there for me.
She makes me happy.
She is Tara Sinclair!
And she is absolutely wonderful!
And I love her more than life!
She is the best.
Here's to 6 amazing months and more and more to come.



21st February 2006

8:26pm: I'm wishing I could place a call...
Current Mood: contemplative

31st January 2006

8:43am: I haven't updated in forever. So in updates of my last entry. Her mom no longer dislikes me which is good. Now I don't really don't remember everything i've done since my last update. Im in TV Prod. right now on my OWN laptop in the class. kickass. lol. But yeah. SHOW ME YO BOOTYHOLE!! Regal last friday. saw Nanny McFee. Good movie. Then Saturday went to Tara's with her to watch her take her 4 hour DATA course. took alot of pictures. then we went too regal. Hung out around. then she came back to my house. then Sunday she watched me take the 4 hour course and Matt came over as well. then we wet to subway and then I went back to Tara's house until my dad got me and passed out. That's pretty much my weekend. Amazing weekend at that. I'm officially in love. Period. Tara is my life. i swear it whether anyone wants to question it or not. I love her to death!<3 I LOVE YOU TARA SINCLAIR!!!<333 I do I do I do!! =D <333333333
Current Mood: loved

7th January 2006


This sucks.
I didn't expect this to ever happen. EVER!!

Her mom doesn't like me now.
I need to fix this ASAP. Like seriously.
What can I do.
It's gonna be hard but I'm already going to apologize for everything that has made her dislike me.
But I know it won't be enough most likely.
I love Tara with all of my heart and I would do anything for her.
Nothing or no one will ever seperate us. I swear on my life.
I will not let anything like that ever happen.
She's not allowed at my house anymore.

Help me out everyone.
If you've ever felt like being nice to me.
This would be the time to do it.
Put everything behind you, the fact my entries suck and no one ever comments. If you ever comment one of my entries...let this be the one you comment please. I love you forever. I seriously need help. I don't know what to do. I can't have this. Not at all. Please help me out....


I love Tara more than anything in the universe.<333333
I really do.
Don't anyone deny it.
If you do...then whatever.

Current Mood: depressed

14th December 2005

9:33pm: Fucking winter weather....

it's official.
I have a SEVERE head cold.
My nose is stuffed to the max.
I get really fucking dizzy when I stand up.
I've taken 3 of the max 4 in 24 hours of cold medicine.
And the only thing its done in 2hours is get rid of a sore throat, and make my headache and stuffy nose WORSE. wtf is up with that?! stupid shit.
I cant sleep like this.
I will be at school tomorrow sadly lol.
My parents dont believe in letting me stay home unless I'm throwing up or passing out or worse.
So to school I go tomorrow.

I saw King Kong tonight with the father.
Absolutely amazing.
I recommend everyone go and see it like NOW!!!


I Love You Tara<3333

p.s. I hope I don't get you sick being around you =(

Current Mood: sick

13th December 2005

6:57pm: I think I'm getting sick.
I don't feel good.
Something about today just isn't feeling right.
I don't know.

Current Mood: weird

11th December 2005


Last night's show was absolutely AMAZING! =D
Best Senses Fail performance ever.
Emanuel is absolute complete garbage. They're terrible.
THE EARLY NOVEMBER was unbelievable.
Another band I really wanted to see I can now cross off my list.
All that's left is Thursday, Silverstein, The Bled, Panic, FOB, and Coheed.
Saves The Day even though I don't know too many of their songs.
Was amazing.
I crowd surfed during You Vandal and mike up front caught me and pushed me forward. And when I hit the security gaurd I knocked him back and he fell and hit his head on the stage. Amazing. Then I crowd surfed again during At Your Funeral. And mike got a set list from STD.
During Senses Fail I started at the back by myself. Then I pitted for a few minutes. 5 mins later I was directly upfront and happen to get right next to Mike haha. Amazing show. One of the best.
It sucks I was only with Tara during Emanuel, the first few songs for TEN and between sets. =/

Tara makes me happy.

I love you Tara<3333


Current Mood: happy

4th December 2005

12:37pm: I'll always be there with all my faith and all my heart....

Read behind the cut for Buzz Bake Sale update....

And all those simple things you are...Collapse )

Current Mood: happy

30th November 2005

4:53pm: And please pick me I'm a terrible mess....

today is turning out to be a terrible day.
a very bad, terrible day.
I don't like it.
I get home to find out something being said about me and tara...
I've got things being held from my knowing....
I just feel like shit right now.
I hope you people are happy?


Current Mood: confused

28th November 2005

1:43pm: Show Updates...

who's going to any of these.

Dec 3rd, 2005
Buzz Bake Sale
- Story of the Year
- 30 Seconds To Mars
- Hot Hot Heat
- Socialburn
- Our Lady Peace
i think Head Automatica dropped out...haha

Dec 10th, 2005
The Revolution
- Senses Fail
- Saves The Day
- Say Anything
- The Early November

I've also got Taste of Chaos and Warped Tour 2006 Bands...

Taste of Chaos 2006
Some time in Feb or March
- Thrice
- The Deftones
- As I Lay Dying
- Silverstein
- Greeley Estates
- Atreyu
- Story of the Year
- Dredg
- The Recieving End of Sirens
- Pelican
- The Confession
- Adair
- Street Drum Corps
- The Smashup
- Millionaire

Warped Tour 2006
Sometime in July or August
- From First To Last
- Motion City Soundtrack
- Rise Against
- Thursday
- NoFX
- Anti-Flag

all the above confirmed

now rumored possible line up is

- Anti Flag
- Hatebreed
- Hawthorne Heights
- Lost Prophets
- Saves The Day
- Pennywise
- Poison The Well
- Underoath
- Unwritten Law
- Coheed and Cambria
- Taking Back Sunday
- The Used
- Rancid
- Finch
- Brand New
- Sum 41
- Less Than Jake
- Rise Against
- Yellowcard
- NoFX
- Simple Plan

- Acceptance
- Aiden
- Panic! At The Disco
- Motion City Soundtrack
- The Aquabats
- Bane
- Chiodos
- the Chariot
- Copeland
- Daphne Loves Derby
- The Casualties
- Dead to Fall
- Donnybrook
- Every Time I Die
- Fenix Tx
- Good Riddance
- Juliana Theory
- He Is Legend
- Melee
- Limbeck
- LetterKills
- Norma Jean
- Saosin
- Silverstein
- The Smashup
- Zao
- Underminded
- Throwdown

*These are all rumored possibilities of bands to play**

Rumored is the venue has been moved from Pompano to West Palm.
At the South Florida Fairgrounds on August 5, 2006.


this is what i do in 1st hour when in the media center with nothing to do.
I research upcoming shows and stuff. haha

27th November 2005

3:06am: Sweet child I miss you....

You can't help me.....Collapse )

Current Mood: happy

23rd November 2005


since she did this and im bored..ill do it.

My arms aren't good for anything but flailing....Collapse )

Current Mood: loved

19th November 2005

2:01am: movies, movies, MOOOOVIES!
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire fucking SUCKED!
We all pretty much fell asleep.
It's awful.
Don't see it.
Boring as can be.
Such a disappointment.
oh well.
So yeah.
Afterschool walked with Tara,Jamie,Matt and Tommy to Target.
Hung out their and starbucks/taco bell etc.
Then around 5 Tim got us...drove around. Dropped Tara and Jamie off.
Went to my house so I could get the black and silver out of my hair.
Then around 6:30 went to Tara's.
Zoe came.
We left.
Went to Regal around 7.
Bought tickets for the 10:35 Harry Potter.
Hung out around Regal, Winn-Dixie, Taco Bell, Gas Station for 3 hours.
Then the movie which was HORRIBLE!! lol
Got over around 1:15-1:30
Home by 2
Tara fell asleep in my arms. =D
during the movie and on the ride home. =D =D =D =D

Hopefully Broward County Fair tomorrow =)
with Tara and I guess who ever else comes.

duhhh =D
I love you Tara!!<333
Current Mood: tired

13th November 2005

12:35am: cause it's the only time that I ever feel real....

This weekend so far has been AMAZING!!=D
Thursday, afterschool went to Primos with Tara, Chelsea, Mike, Tim, Matt and Tommy.
Then Tim dropped me and Tara off at my house. Matt came by. Tara fell asleep =D she's cute when she sleeps =P Then we walked about to Chelseas at about 11:30 got her. Went back to my house. Chelsea played on MySpace while me and Tara watched Family Guy. Then around 12:30 I walked with them back home just because doing so lets me know she gets where shes going safe and I get to spend just that much more time with her =D

Then Friday I am woken up at like 11:30 by Tara and told I have 30 mins to get to Chelseas.
I get ready and walk there blah blah.
We got to Sawgrass along with Michelle.
We meet this kid Alex there.
Then instead of WannaDo City like originally planned..we go to the movies.
First we see Chicken Little but I wanted to see Jarhead so me and Tara left to see Jarhead when it started. I love her.she went because she knew i really wanted to see it..=D
Then Chelsea and everyone left. dad got me and her and dropped us off at regal.
Walked around and to the park in the neighborhood across the lake.
The nyou guessed it...saw ANOTHER movie lol.
Tim snuck us in to Saw 2. 3rd time with that movie lol.
Then my mom got us and I dropped her off.

Matt comes over around 1
Aroudn 3 we bike to Tara's
Meet her at her Publix.
Head over to Target.
Eat and walk around.
Then bike back to my house.
Matt's tire popped so we stopped at Pines and took the bus the rest of the way.
Tim and mike came over. Played som THUG2 and then watched the Family Guy movie. amazing.
Then Tim took us to Regal. Then they all left and it was me and Tara.
Chelsea ticket swapped us into Chicken Little which she was wathcing again.
Then I hung out with Tara and until my dad got me. =D i didnt like leaving her alone... =/
This weekend has been amazing.
I hope I can add one more day of seeing her to this weekend.
That would make me happy =D

Read behind this if you wish....Collapse )

Current Mood: loved

4th November 2005

11:28pm: There is no fate but what we make for ourselves...


I love you Tara!
you make me so happy =D

Read behind the cut bitches!

And now for a quick commercial break...Collapse )

Current Mood: chipper

3rd November 2005

1:15pm: Hear me out, I don't think I'll make it out....
EDIT from last entry...

She won't be back by Friday.
=( =( =( =( =( =( =( =( =(

This isn't how I planned spending the day of 2months.
Not at all.
I'm really sad.
I planned on going out.
Hanging out with her alllll day.
Then maybe movie at night or something.
Just me and her.
..I'll just be sitting her.
Wishing she was here to spend that day with me.
Fucking Orlando.

someone cheer me up.

I love you Tara!
Current Mood: sad

31st October 2005

1:47am: All Broward County Public Schools district schools will be closed through Wednesday, November 2, 2005 due to the fact that electricity is not expected to be restored to the majority of district sites until later in the week and because of concerns over traffic safety and flow for children going to and from schools.

does through Wednesday mean Wednesday is included?
Meaning Monday, Tuesday AND Wednesday no school?
or no?
Current Mood: tired

28th October 2005

1:40pm: WILMAAAAAA!!

Here's a much needed update on the week of aftermath from Hurricane Wilma.
And everything happens for a reason....Collapse )

Current Mood: shocked

23rd October 2005

5:52pm: Daylight breaks on you and burns away the grey that suffocates your soul...

Why the fuck do I have such jealousy issues?
Is it because I've been fucked with and fucked over so many times in the past? Have I lost all trust in humankind?
Is it because I have reason to? That maybe what I think is happening really IS happening?
I'm fucked up. Period.
Read behind the cut if you wish....Happiness will NOT fill this entry more than a few lines hidden in confusing metaphors and text...

We're more than carbon and chemicals. We are the image of the invisible....Collapse )

Current Mood: blah

18th October 2005

10:03pm: So, What if I never hold you, yeah, or kiss your lips again?
Woah, So I never want to leave you and the memories for us to see...I beg don't leave meCollapse )

There's Hurricane Wilma possibly coming towards us.
And my mom says if it hits as hard as she thinks and does the damage she thinks.
Our house could possibly be destroyed with Me IN IT and she'll be moving up with my Aunt and Uncle.
This shit isn't hittign us hard.
And if it does.
I'm living with my dad permenantly.
I am NOT gonna be leaving this place anytime soon.
I'm as happy as I've ever been in such a long time.
I've had to deal with one i care about leaving before.
And for ME to have to LEAVE someone i care about now.
I couldn't handle it.
I'm not gonna let it happen.
I'm too happy.
This hurricane will be nothing just like all the rest.
I made it through Andrew. I'll make it through every other hurricane ever.
Period. =/
Current Mood: indescribable
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