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Cross out the eyes..

We can rise on the wings of the dove

Jay Jay
6 March
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The signal flares will light the way
To the scene of the accident
Where we'll dance like a pile of teeth in a broken mouth
Such a sick celebration
Everyone loves a fucking tragedy in epic proportions
Lets set our hearts at self-destruct
Lets set our hearts at self-destruct
Like scarlet drips on a white tile floor
A cardiac metronome
We'll scrape the guardrail from our teeth and start again
There's a flood in the infirmary where
We'll swim through broken glass
Our prosthetic limbs will keep us afloat
Lets set our hearts at self-destruct
Lets set our hearts at self-destruct
Lets set our hearts at self-destruct
Lets set our hearts at self-destrutc

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