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Hey there beautiful, don't forget my name....

This year has been one hell of an interesting year.
It's had it's ups and it's downs but it has still been completely amazing.
Spring Break when Ashley came down to visit.
Williamson's Toga party where her parents thought we went out to graffiti her name when really we were just making the fountains loaded with bubbles.
WannaDo City for the first time with Tara, Tim and Matt
Summer overall.
Going up to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Washington DC with my dad.
Getting my dad on the water soaker roller coaster thing at Hershey's Park. Classic. Defintely Kodak moment. haha
Hanging out at Cedar Point with Ashley, her little brother, her dad and her friends Megan and Andrea.
Warped Tour 05 with Ashley, Tim, Matt, Mike, Matt M, and ocassionally seeing Chelsea, Tara, Alexa, Sami, Zoe, Andrea, Megan, Slowhoe and alot of others.
Crying when The Starting Line played Leaving and I felt pathetic.
The night of Sept 4, 2005 on the way home after seeing Madelyn with Tara. The night that began an amazing relationship =D
Avenged Sevenfold/Saosin with Tara, Mike, Chelsea, Jamie and Mary.
All the Hurricane days off of school.
Hurricane fucking Wilma and getting a shock out of all the trees that fell around my house haha.
Ticket scouting at The Bled show and eventually I sold my ticket and me and Tara hung out together waling around Riverfront and hanging out in front of the IMAX theatre.
Senses Fail/The Early November with Tara, Mike, Tim, Zoe, and Raven.
Orlando trip with Mike, Jamie and their mom. Doing every haunted house at least twice and riding every ride at Halloween Horror Nights lol.
Nights at the park with Tara.
Buzz Bake Sale the day before 3 months with Tara.
Seeing Our Lady Peace after waiting since 97 to see them and seeing them with Tara.<333 =D
Story of the Year's greatest performance ever.
All the nights matt has gotten in trouble for being home past 11.
Many drama filled days and nights.
Christmas Eve and Christmas Night with Tara!!
Spending New Years Eve with Tara.
Laying on her trampoline with her in my arms.
Everything in the world as perfect as could be.
Waiting for the moment the clocks struck midnight.
Kissing her right before midnight making me her last kiss of 2005 and her then at midnight her first kiss of 2006. And vice versa for me.
Staying at her house while her Sister threw a party.
Me and Tara just hanging out in the guest room watching movies until we fell asleep.
Spending New Years Day waking up with her by my side and going to Bellante's haha.
This year has been amazing.
This winter break couldn't have been better.
I'm in love.
and I want the world to know it.

I love Tara Sinclair with all my heart!<3333


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