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Cause I'd do anything you want me to...for you

Merry Christmas to all!
Life could not be any better. Seriously. It couldn't.
I have an amazing and beautiful girlfriend.
Who means everything to me and to me is the only thing I need for christmas this year and I have her! =D
I've opened some presents so far.
Tara gave me hers.
She got me a Wester Shirt!!!!!!!!
So I gave her my present and made her open it early so I could see her open it.
I got her a pink stuffed unicorn I made a create a bear and inside it I put 2 necklaces with hearts on them.
I think it was a good present.
She liked it =D
And then so far from my mom I got a karoke machine lol, a distortion pedal, a guitar music/tab book, and a new digital camera. =D
I want to open the rest of my stuff.
Oh well I can wait until like 9 lol.
Over the week:
Monday movies and stuff at Chelsea's with Tara and Katie.
Stayed over until about 3:30 when I left because I wasn't feeling good.
I wish I could of stayed there sleeping with her in my arms but I couldn't I felt sick =( She's cute when she sleeps =D
Tuesday morning came back to Chelsea's around 11.
Walked with Tara down to Hess to get syrup and stuff.
Made breakfast.
Then Tara left around 4.
I got dropped off there around 5:30-6.
Went with her and izzy to get Erika.
After we got Erika Tara's mom took us to Outback.
Ate. Dad got me. Home at like midnight lol.
Wednesday went to mall with Matt.
Tara came way later than expected around 5-6.
Me and Tara went to regal to see King Kong.
Home past midnight haha.
Thursday Aventura mall with Tara and her mom where we met Chelsea and Michelle. There until 7:30-8.
Went to regal with Tara again and saw Yours, Mine and Ours lol.
Home around midnight AGAIN =P
Friday. Went to mall with Matt and Tara.
Spent ALL DAY there.
I had to leave Tara for 45mins to get her present.
I felt so bad cause I thought I'd only leave her alone for like 15-20mins but it was much longer. After my dad got us and went to regal once again with Tara, Matt, Erika, Mike and others to see The Ringer. Funny movie. Home around midnight once again.
Today. Ate at Roadhouse once my dad got home around 4:30.
Then picked my mom up at the hospital around 6:30-7.
Tara came by at 8ish.
Which is when present were exchanged =D
And that's about it for my week.

She is the most amazing girl alive.
I love her more than anything in this world.
She makes me extremely happy.
No one could ever take her place in my heart.
I hope I never ever ever ever everrrrr lose her.
I love Tara Sinclair with all of my heart.
Yeah, I really do!<333333


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