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I'll always be there with all my faith and all my heart....

Read behind the cut for Buzz Bake Sale update....

So yesterday was Buzz Bake Sale with TARA and matt.
Got up at 7. Left at 8:30 ish.
Got there exactly at 10 with it started.
Watched some band Morningwood..awful.
but the name is funny haha.
Then walked around looking at stuff for awhile until On Watership Down played.
Their amazing.
Then went and sat in the field.
Taproot went on. I hate them. But good pits started and me and matt threw shit into them.
Then we went over and saw Story of the Year!!
Holy shit. Best performance I've ever seen. It was unbelievable.
Right in he beginning everyone started pushing and a pack of like 20 people just went down to the floor. lol. Then mid way Dan jumped into the crowd and people started dropping him and he's like OHH SHIT! WOAH! haha. So we lifted him back up and i had to lift him by his ass lmao so now i can tell everyon i touched his ass which sounds kind of gay lol.. but he pounded me and matt's fists fuck yeah! then they played In The Shadows!! amazing! They also played a medley of songs like Sweet Child O' Mine, Crazy Train, Candy Shop, and alotttt more!
I got like 2 inches away from catching a pick.
and Matt caught a water bottle and poured it all over the place.
We lost Tara like 5mins into the show..=(
After we just sat down in the field from 4 to 6 waiting for Hot Hot Heat to go on.
They went on. Tara enjoyed that.
Then Trapt played.

I've been wating since like iwas 9 to see them.
And I finally did and what made it better is I saw them with her!
Then we left around 930.
It was an amazing day.
Unforgettable for sure.

So like.
Today is 3MONTHS!

I Love You Tara!<33333

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