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Sweet child I miss you....

Woke up at 10.
Went to meet Tara, Jamie, Sami, and Chelsea at Primos.
Mary waited us. Tim hung out cause he had no deliveries at the time.
Terrell came later.
Walked to Target and stuff.
Sami, Chelsea and Terrell went with Tim some place.
Me, Tara and Jamie went back to Tara's.
Hung out.
Tim showed up.
Then Zoe.
Then ate at IHOP
Rented movies.
Watched them.
Watched SLC Punk and A Night at the Roxbury.
Then played Disney Trivia Pursuit until Tara's dad said we had to leave around 2am lol.
Guess the staying all night thing didn't happen as planned.
But hanging out with her from 12 to 2 today.
Was perfect enough for me =D
I love this girl like woah! <33</p>

So like basically,
I'm in love.
I know you all have read this over and over.
Deal with it.
I am thankful this year for many things.
I thought I'd list some since it was just thanksgiving lol.

I am thankful for having the world's greatest bestfriend even though she lives like 340349343043 miles away and that makes me sad =(

I am thankful for having the close friends I have...Tara,Ashley,Tim,Matt,Sami,Matt,Mike..without you guys life would be stupid and pointless.

I am thankful for being who I am today.

I am thankful for having parents that care about me even though sometimes they get on my fucking nerves and i want to kill them lol.

and most of all.
I am thankful to the 2354395809435 POWER
For having this one girl.
Her name is Tara S. Sinclair.
I love her more than anything in this world.
She is amazing.
She swears I'm more amazing and that she loves me more but it's not possible.
And so like.
Without her is something I never wanna think of.
She makes me happy,
And I'm so thankful to have her.
I'm thankful for how happy she makes me.
Thankful for having her love me like she does.
Thankful for every little thing about her!

I love you Tara Sinclair!!<33333
I love you more than anything =D

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