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cause it's the only time that I ever feel real....

This weekend so far has been AMAZING!!=D
Thursday, afterschool went to Primos with Tara, Chelsea, Mike, Tim, Matt and Tommy.
Then Tim dropped me and Tara off at my house. Matt came by. Tara fell asleep =D she's cute when she sleeps =P Then we walked about to Chelseas at about 11:30 got her. Went back to my house. Chelsea played on MySpace while me and Tara watched Family Guy. Then around 12:30 I walked with them back home just because doing so lets me know she gets where shes going safe and I get to spend just that much more time with her =D

Then Friday I am woken up at like 11:30 by Tara and told I have 30 mins to get to Chelseas.
I get ready and walk there blah blah.
We got to Sawgrass along with Michelle.
We meet this kid Alex there.
Then instead of WannaDo City like originally planned..we go to the movies.
First we see Chicken Little but I wanted to see Jarhead so me and Tara left to see Jarhead when it started. I love her.she went because she knew i really wanted to see it..=D
Then Chelsea and everyone left. dad got me and her and dropped us off at regal.
Walked around and to the park in the neighborhood across the lake.
The nyou guessed it...saw ANOTHER movie lol.
Tim snuck us in to Saw 2. 3rd time with that movie lol.
Then my mom got us and I dropped her off.

Matt comes over around 1
Aroudn 3 we bike to Tara's
Meet her at her Publix.
Head over to Target.
Eat and walk around.
Then bike back to my house.
Matt's tire popped so we stopped at Pines and took the bus the rest of the way.
Tim and mike came over. Played som THUG2 and then watched the Family Guy movie. amazing.
Then Tim took us to Regal. Then they all left and it was me and Tara.
Chelsea ticket swapped us into Chicken Little which she was wathcing again.
Then I hung out with Tara and until my dad got me. =D i didnt like leaving her alone... =/
This weekend has been amazing.
I hope I can add one more day of seeing her to this weekend.
That would make me happy =D


what you say might happen..better not.
I can't go through something like that again.
I've done it once and I can't go through it again.
I love you so much. I really do.
I really am.
you are the greatest!!
Every second spent with you makes me fell like time has just stopped and nothing could ever ruin any moment.
I love knowing that every single goodbye and goodnight...is really a hello! how are you beautiful?! cause I know I'll see you really soon.
And that makes me happy.
YOU make ME happy.
Everytime a smile isn't on your face..I feel like my world has just died because the thing that makes me the happiest is when you smile and laugh. It makes everything so perfect.
This weekend has made me really realize that I really do love you more than people may see it right to at this short in time...but I don't care. I know how I feel. I love you so much.

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