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There is no fate but what we make for ourselves...


I love you Tara!
you make me so happy =D

Read behind the cut bitches!

Me and Sami have funny fucking conversations...you know it.
Kind of long but oh well...

xSensesxXxFailxz: i SUCK at solitaire
crayonboxurxface: i suck at life:[
xSensesxXxFailxz: yes
xSensesxXxFailxz: but were focusing
xSensesxXxFailxz: on solitaire right now
crayonboxurxface is away at 12:22:44 AM.
xSensesxXxFailxz: stay with me here
Auto response from crayonboxurxface: enloquece cuán triste?!$@#
xSensesxXxFailxz: no
xSensesxXxFailxz: you will not leave the group
xSensesxXxFailxz: i said all fucking arms and legs
xSensesxXxFailxz: must remains in the fuckign vehicle at allllll times
xSensesxXxFailxz: your tits are hanging out the fucking window
xSensesxXxFailxz: pull yourself back in here
xSensesxXxFailxz: and join the ride
xSensesxXxFailxz: no lollygaggin
crayonboxurxface: lol
crayonboxurxface: Jarrett what are ou talking about
xSensesxXxFailxz: thanks for your patience
crayonboxurxface returned at 12:24:22 AM.
xSensesxXxFailxz: a doctor will be right with you
crayonboxurxface: ahha
crayonboxurxface: usted siempre habla acerca de las cosas más locas
xSensesxXxFailxz: ahahahahaha FRUITY PEBBLES!
crayonboxurxface: guijas afrutadas
crayonboxurxface: lmao
crayonboxurxface: thats fruity pebbles
xSensesxXxFailxz: hey hey hey!
xSensesxXxFailxz: whatcha talkin bout sami?!
xSensesxXxFailxz: i cant hear ya!
xSensesxXxFailxz: WOOT WOOT!....ahh..... WOOT WOOT!....ahh..
crayonboxurxface: what?!
crayonboxurxface: lol
xSensesxXxFailxz: do you give up on me now! you hear me!!!??
xSensesxXxFailxz: we've got 97 more tortilla's to seel
xSensesxXxFailxz: and i am NOT going home with more than 2 of them
crayonboxurxface: Jesucristo!!!! cerró el jode arriba
xSensesxXxFailxz: so pull yourself together now
xSensesxXxFailxz: you silly rabbit
xSensesxXxFailxz: trix are for kids!
crayonboxurxface: las artimañas son para el hombre del negro de dick
crayonboxurxface: lol
xSensesxXxFailxz: watch the language!
crayonboxurxface: hahaha
xSensesxXxFailxz: or you get
xSensesxXxFailxz: ...the fuckign BOC
xSensesxXxFailxz: BOX*
xSensesxXxFailxz: and you dont want
xSensesxXxFailxz: the BOX
xSensesxXxFailxz: i know this for a fact
crayonboxurxface: ¿Qué es la caja?
xSensesxXxFailxz: cause little jimmy was just in there for sticking his hands where they dont belong
xSensesxXxFailxz: and i think he had a little accident in there
crayonboxurxface: ¿Qué es la caja? !?$#%
xSensesxXxFailxz: what are..
xSensesxXxFailxz: something
crayonboxurxface: what is the box
xSensesxXxFailxz: ahhh
xSensesxXxFailxz: its your punishment
xSensesxXxFailxz: if you continue
xSensesxXxFailxz: using such profrain words
xSensesxXxFailxz: negro
crayonboxurxface: like fuck
crayonboxurxface: and dick
xSensesxXxFailxz: we dont tolerate that
crayonboxurxface: and negro
xSensesxXxFailxz: thats it
xSensesxXxFailxz: in the fucking BOX with you
xSensesxXxFailxz: *shoves into the BOX*
xSensesxXxFailxz: *points and laughs*
xSensesxXxFailxz: *shits pants*
xSensesxXxFailxz: ill give you some fucking black people
crayonboxurxface: lmaoooooooooooooooooo
xSensesxXxFailxz: *puts OJ SIMPSON in the BOX with you
xSensesxXxFailxz: *
crayonboxurxface: lmaoooooo
xSensesxXxFailxz: there's your fucking black people
crayonboxurxface: ¡OJ Simpson no podría pararse una oportunidad contra mí!
crayonboxurxface: soy sami yo soy fuerte que soy una pierna negra de personas
crayonboxurxface: lmaoooooooo
xSensesxXxFailxz: all i understand
xSensesxXxFailxz: is OJ SIMPSON
xSensesxXxFailxz: and black people
xSensesxXxFailxz: and sami
crayonboxurxface: oj simpson couldnt stand a chance when it comes to me
crayonboxurxface: i am sami i am strong
crayonboxurxface: i am a black peoples leg
xSensesxXxFailxz: lmao
crayonboxurxface: lmao
xSensesxXxFailxz: dont make me put michael jackson in there with you two
xSensesxXxFailxz: now behave!
crayonboxurxface: lmao
crayonboxurxface: ahha
crayonboxurxface: está como im en un zoo: [
crayonboxurxface: yo no quiero estar en un zoo
xSensesxXxFailxz: something something
xSensesxXxFailxz: im in the zoo
xSensesxXxFailxz: ?
crayonboxurxface: it's like in in a zoo
crayonboxurxface: i dont wnat to be in a zoo
xSensesxXxFailxz: well you should of thought about that
xSensesxXxFailxz: before using such foul language
crayonboxurxface: ¡A menos que mire los animales no tratado como uno!
xSensesxXxFailxz: dirty girls
xSensesxXxFailxz: play with dirty animals
crayonboxurxface: ¡Yo no SIGNIFICARE ESTO! !!!! Yo no LO TOLERARE
xSensesxXxFailxz: *in creepy sexual predator voice* go ahead scream...no one can hear you!
crayonboxurxface: lmao
crayonboxurxface: woooooooooowwwwwww
crayonboxurxface: ah Caso de Jarrett RONALD como que era el animal de rapiña realmente escalofriante y sexual
xSensesxXxFailxz: wait
xSensesxXxFailxz: i can get this one i think
crayonboxurxface: caso de jarrett RONALD lmao
xSensesxXxFailxz: i get
xSensesxXxFailxz: the Jarret RONALD
xSensesxXxFailxz: the animal
xSensesxXxFailxz: something about rape and a sexual predator?
crayonboxurxface: lmao
crayonboxurxface: wow caso de jarrett RONALD  that was really creepy and sexual predator like
xSensesxXxFailxz: el animal
xSensesxXxFailxz: is the animal
crayonboxurxface: i know
crayonboxurxface: but a predator
xSensesxXxFailxz: you said
xSensesxXxFailxz: el animal
crayonboxurxface: is an animal
xSensesxXxFailxz: fuck
xSensesxXxFailxz: close enough
crayonboxurxface: el animal de rapina
crayonboxurxface: predator lol
xSensesxXxFailxz: woo fucking finally
xSensesxXxFailxz: i wont a game
xSensesxXxFailxz: now i can tell johnny
crayonboxurxface: dood i am the master at solitare
xSensesxXxFailxz: ill get my 7 digits for a dolla from his momma tomorrow
crayonboxurxface: ahhhhhhhhhhhhahaha
xSensesxXxFailxz: now for a commercial break..


crayonboxurxface: oh yeah what did i say?
xSensesxXxFailxz: i dont know
xSensesxXxFailxz: i got plumbers crack
xSensesxXxFailxz: wanna see?
crayonboxurxface: no
xSensesxXxFailxz: :'(
xSensesxXxFailxz: that makes me sad
crayonboxurxface: ahha
xSensesxXxFailxz: im gonna go eat oreos
xSensesxXxFailxz: and drown my troubles
crayonboxurxface: NO don't leave me
xSensesxXxFailxz: in low fat milk
xSensesxXxFailxz: and sugar
crayonboxurxface: USTED MADRE GORDA de ASNO FUCKER
xSensesxXxFailxz: your mom
xSensesxXxFailxz: a ass fucker
xSensesxXxFailxz: your mom is a good ass fucker
xSensesxXxFailxz: ?
xSensesxXxFailxz: lol
crayonboxurxface: lol
crayonboxurxface: you fat ass mother fucker
xSensesxXxFailxz: i got close lol
xSensesxXxFailxz: i got fucker
xSensesxXxFailxz: mom
xSensesxXxFailxz: ass
xSensesxXxFailxz: you
xSensesxXxFailxz: just missing fat
crayonboxurxface: su mamá es un fucker bueno de asno
crayonboxurxface: this is your mom is a good ass fucker
xSensesxXxFailxz: wtf did you say about my mom?!
crayonboxurxface: YEAH YOU HEARD ME
crayonboxurxface: NIGGER PITTS
xSensesxXxFailxz: lmao
crayonboxurxface: lmao
xSensesxXxFailxz: i watched the family guy movie tonight
xSensesxXxFailxz: amazing!
xSensesxXxFailxz: it was so good
xSensesxXxFailxz: i jizzed my boxers
xSensesxXxFailxz: without even touching it
xSensesxXxFailxz: it was just like
xSensesxXxFailxz: woahhhh BUST!
xSensesxXxFailxz: out of nowhere
xSensesxXxFailxz: completely random
xSensesxXxFailxz: but kinda nice ya know
crayonboxurxface: yeah i totally undersatnd
xSensesxXxFailxz: fo sho
xSensesxXxFailxz: glad ya feel me nigga
crayonboxurxface: yeah a duh
xSensesxXxFailxz: pssh
xSensesxXxFailxz: dont duh me
xSensesxXxFailxz: a duhh


xSensesxXxFailxz: ok
xSensesxXxFailxz: back to being a television set for me
xSensesxXxFailxz: so where was i
crayonboxurxface: lmao.
crayonboxurxface: the part where the niggers
crayonboxurxface: eat the elephant
xSensesxXxFailxz: ahh yes
crayonboxurxface: and use its tusks to make an airplane
xSensesxXxFailxz: the discovery channel
crayonboxurxface: but then they remebrd that niggers cant make or ride airplanes
xSensesxXxFailxz: no niggers can ride them
xSensesxXxFailxz: we dont gotta worry about them blowing it up
xSensesxXxFailxz: a nigger will rob you
xSensesxXxFailxz: will stab you
xSensesxXxFailxz: and will surely shoot you
xSensesxXxFailxz: but they will NEVER blow your ass up
xSensesxXxFailxz: its true
xSensesxXxFailxz: i heard it on BET
xSensesxXxFailxz: so it has to be true
crayonboxurxface: lmao
crayonboxurxface: what if they blow you up on accident!?
xSensesxXxFailxz: accidents are a hemophiliacs job
xSensesxXxFailxz: but they never actually get to blow everyone up
xSensesxXxFailxz: cause they usually bleed to death before they get a chance to push the button
crayonboxurxface: ok but what if the nigger put some of his black
crayonboxurxface: on an all white engine
crayonboxurxface: by accident
xSensesxXxFailxz: well
xSensesxXxFailxz: thats what we call
xSensesxXxFailxz: AIDS
crayonboxurxface: hahahhaa
crayonboxurxface: :]
xSensesxXxFailxz: thats why you should always wear protection when riding a plane
xSensesxXxFailxz: never ride them engines without proper proctection
xSensesxXxFailxz: you may one day catch AIDS
xSensesxXxFailxz: and AIDS kills
crayonboxurxface: this is true
xSensesxXxFailxz: duh its true
xSensesxXxFailxz: you think i got this white
xSensesxXxFailxz: knowing nothing
xSensesxXxFailxz: i dont think so
xSensesxXxFailxz: you know that they say
xSensesxXxFailxz: once you go black
crayonboxurxface: you never go back1?
xSensesxXxFailxz: ...you shoot yourself
crayonboxurxface: hahhaha

**NOTE** The views expressed in the conversation above do not reflect my real views. They are just for my entertainment and others enjoyment. So relax. I am not a racist, facist, sexist or any other type of IST! thank you and have a good night.

Tara should be coming home tomorrow.
You bet I'm hanging out with her.
Whether i have to crawl or walk through rain and barking dogs or anything.
i love her!
the end.
sorry for such a long entry.
everyone probably skipped reading any of it.
Oh well.

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