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Here's a much needed update on the week of aftermath from Hurricane Wilma.

So yeah.
Hurricane Wilma struck us starting at about 4am Monday morning.
I could NOT sleep. God damn wind.
Slept from like 4 to 6..that's it.
Same with my mom.
So we chilled, watching TV until around 6:30 when power finally gave in. Then it was time to whip out the portable tv. Watched that until 11 when everything passed over.
During the hurricane I lost 2 giant trees. 1 in the back and 1 blocking the front door. My swingset which was in risk of breaking through the glass window almost. And a palm tree that is now leaning over tied to the other tree so it doesnt fall over on top of ours or our neighbors car lol. So me and my mom walked around the neighborhood along with the rest of the ENTIRE neighborhood. The streets were flooded around the corner by my house. Stoppped by Mike's to make sure his mom and Mary were ok. Their palm tree fell on their neighbors car. Eeekk! Then came home. Chilled. Got the generator started up. And I was of course worried sick about Tara ever since about 10 when the cell phone service went out for me so I had no way to get in touch with her. BUT, I'm in the middle of making my Lunchables Tacos at around 3 when SHE SHOWS UP! That was theee GREATEST surprise ever. So she was of course alright when made me really happy and I got to see her for a few minutes. Then I got in the car with the mother and went and picked up the father and drove around seeing for ANYTHING open and all the other damages. It was worse than I thought it was. I've never seen our area like this in 16years. Whew! Nothing open so Dad came over to my house and mom cooked up some steaks and we ate those watching TV and just hanging out. Watched some movies then went to bed. Woke up around 12. Around 1 went driving around looking for gas all through the miami area. Places were open but lines were ridiculous. Got a stove thing at walmart so we could cook more things than steaks. Then went home. Dad caem over again. Tim got me and we checked out Matt's house and Tara's but she wasn't home. Then my mom cooked Spagetti. Ate that. Hung out. Sleep. Wednesday, woke up around 12. Joe's was open. Took a shower around 2. I get out of the shower...and hear a familiar laugh downstairs. And yeah...TARA is at my house randomly again. =D I love her AND her surprises. So she came with us to meet my dad at Joe's and eat. Around 3:30 went to Target and Walmart with us. Then she came back to my house with me until about 6 when her dad got her. She's amazing. =D She better come back from Orlando tomorrow and we better go to Regal or Muvico since they are open and everrything lol. So yeah...then around 7 dad came. Had steak again. Played Trivia Pursuit. Amazing. Funny stuff. Then he left around midnight. Yesterday, gas runs with Tim over and over again. Trip to Lowes with him. Got me out of the house. Fun. Being stuck in the back of Tim's dad's plumbing van with a beanbag...NOT FUN! lmao. Then dad came over. Spagetti again. Trivia Pursuit again. 5 to 6. He won. DAmnit! Today, looks like a boring day. Hopefully people will go to Regal or something. I'm tired of this house. Tomorrow..hopefully Tara comes back and hell I don't care what I do as long as she's with me. I could sit there staring at the ceiling...fine with me lol. Sunday...dunno. Monday..HOPEFULLY school...I WANT MY FUCKING POWER BACK! This generator is annoying and limits my time on stuff. =(


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